About Us

History of the NQPA

In 1975 the National Quarter Pony Association, Inc. was founded by a group of ten individuals who were concerned that the smaller type Quarter horse was not receiving the attention it deserved.

There were many reasons for offering a new association to the public. Beginning around 1970, the Quarter Horse show ring began trending towards the taller, leaner, thoroughbred-type animal, consequently discarding the short, stocky, old-fashioned "bulldog" type Quarter Horse. Where was the exhibitor going to show the small horse?

The size, strength, durability and disposition would make the Quarter Pony a favorite among adults, as well as small riders. Now to find a place for them, thus the beginning of National Quarter Pony Association, Inc. The association offers a set of rules, a point system, a register of merit, championship awards, approved shows, and literature concerning Quarter Pony events.

The Quarter Pony is truly a family pony that has the disposition and ability to be the all-round family oriented project. The NQPA has recorded and preserved pedigrees since 1975.

NQPA Officers (term runs 2015-2017)
President. Heather Echler
Secretary / Treasurer Wendy Stephey
Points Secretary Kelly Slattman
Youth Directors

Kelly Slattman

 NQPA Directors (term runs 2015-2017)
Val Anderson Bridget Hollern
Bill Deatrick  Wendy Stephey

Jamie Rosebrock

Debbie Andrews
Marge Kosch
Mike Kosch